Meet Our Chef

Roux Executive Chef Randy Dunn

Congrats to Chef Randy and the roux team for being crowned “People’s Choice Chef” at the 2012 March of Dimes Signature Chef’s Event!
“I like to look at every ingredient and not think what it is or how it is normally used but what it could become. We do a lot of experimenting and taste testing, because we’re trying to create something extraordinary,” Executive Chef Randy Dunn.

Get Chef talking about food and you’ll soon understand why the dishes at Roux may surprise you. Something like meatloaf that you remember from childhood has been transformed at Roux into a slider with white cheddar, balsamic ketchup, & grilled onions. Or Pork Tenderloin–tagine style, with spicy couscous and preserved lemons.

Chef’s take on food has made even the most typical ingredient a complex symphony of flavors, like his version of sea salt which has been infused with Rosemary and then aged, or the famous Asheville pepper relish that became cheese cake topping in Chef’s hands.

Before becoming an experienced Executive Chef, he created incredible meals for friends and family, now he is cooking for you.

Randy earned his Culinary Degree from J&W Charleston SC. He has more than 15 years in the culinary arts and 4 Diamond experiences. His career has taken him to CO, SC, NC, NY, MO, MA, FL, TN, KY, MI, and AL.

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